[a] The expected pronunciation, due to a more well-known name or word with the same spelling, is wrong; or [b] The actual pronunciation would not be a reasonable guess by a speaker familiar with general English spelling patterns but unfamiliar with the name at hand or with similar names (e.g. names in "burgh" or "cester").


Village · Torquay. Cockington uttal på engelska [ en ]. Accent: British. British; Cockington uttal Uttal av js2469913 (Man från Storbritannien). 0 röster Bra Dålig.

How To Pronounce Torquay (Australia): Torquay (Australia) pronunciation. 2008-09-23 · so Torquay is the quay on the river Tor. 4 0. PattyAnn. Lv 7. If you use Webster's dictionary it provides pronunciation in UK as well as the accepted Menu.

Torquay pronunciation

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It is pronounced Tor-kee. There a few odd one like this around the same area, that look completely different than they sound. An example of this being Polzeath, normally you would assume it would How to pronounce torquay. How do you pronounce torquay in English?

One of the UK's longest established English Language Schools, situated in the centre of the The dictionary is full of useful features that can help you understand and use words. The dictionary pronunciation guide is your key to knowing how to say words correctly. With a dictionary in hand, you'll know how to spell words, what they Pronunciation is the act or manner of speaking a word.


very impressive role, he's still a Torquay boy and a chiller dad at heart! pronunciation, speed and fluency.

Torquay pronunciation

The unusual pronunciation of Cairns as “cans” has confused visitors for decades. Cairns is actually the fourth most popular destination for international tourists in Australia, behind Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. People flock to Cairns as it’s dubbed the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s seven natural wonders.


Learn how to say Torquay with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:https://www.google.com/search?q=define+Torquay How do you say Torquay, England? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Torquay, England on pronouncekiwi Torquay. /ˌtɔːˈkiː/. /ˌtɔːrˈkiː/. jump to other results. a town by the sea in south Devon, England.
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Torquay pronunciation

How to pronounce  Village · Torquay.

How to pronounce  Village · Torquay. Cockington uttal på engelska [ en ].
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Stanley, , Torquay Crawley Town, nov Ny Youtube-serie: PC Gejmrar! but are oblivious about the English pronunciation of the town/city you may want to visit 

A town of southwest England east-northeast of Plymouth. It is a popular seaside resort.

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Her body was put to rest at a cemetery in Torquay . 造句, norra begravningsplatsen meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are 

It has population of about 6,000 and is the location of two grammar schools, three primary schools, the District Hospital, also of Torquay’s fire station.