Mugino merupakan seorang ninja cowok asal desa Konoha yang sebenarnya pertama kali muncul pada chapter 16 dari manga Boruto. Meski begitu, karakter tersebut justru mengalami pendalaman karakter pada versi anime-nya. Nah, supaya kalian mengenal lebih dalam mengenai sosok Mugino di anime Boruto, simak terlebih dahulu sejumlah faktanya di bawah


Welcome back to the roundup! Apologies for the nearly month-long absence, my second uni semester has been a doozy In case you forgot what the Wednesday character roundups entails. a character from Naruto/Boruto will be given the spotlight each week for us to talk about. This week's character is: Mugino. Previous Discussion Thread: Victor

Before they left the lab, Akita asked if they have enough foam spray. Foam spray which was explained by Sumire and used on Boruto is the latest creation of Katasuke which seals open wounds. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 184 - Puppets Konohamaru and Mugino have gone missing during a mission. Team 7, along with Katasuke and Chamaru, the Ninja Hound, go to the location where their communications cut out and they are attacked by mysterious puppets. Boruto shání dárek pro mamku a čirou náhodou narazí na Mugina, který děsně spěchá.

Mugino boruto

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TBA. Boruto ends up having to pay for Mugino's debt, and is doubtful when Mugino says he'll pay him back next month. Mugino asks Boruto to take him to eat, spending the last of his money. Boruto questions why he doesn't ask Konohamaru for money as they've been friends for a long time, and is incredulous when Mugino says he considers it unethical, pointing out how he avoided paying the restaurant. Mugino (ムギノ, Mugino) fue un shinobi de Konohagakure. 1 Historia 2 Apariencia 3 Personalidad 4 Tercera Parte 4.1 Arco de la Actuación de Kara 4.2 Arco de Ao 5 Habilidades 5.1 Taijutsu 5.2 Ninjutsu 5.2.1 Transformación de la Naturaleza 6 Referencias En el anime, Mugino fue un huérfano refugiado en… "The Assassin, Mugino" (暗殺者ムギノ, Ansatsusha Mugino) is the 180th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Mugino tried to kill the Third Hokage when he was a child but came to admire him.

Though Konohamaru can tell even his relationship with Boruto isn't that brotherly, he loves that it shows Mugino's human side -- something he didn't see much of when he was alive. Mugino Sacrificed His Life to Save Boruto | Boruto, Konohamaru, Mugino vs Ao This time the All Shinobi Team will discuss Boruto vs AoClick LIKE & SUBCRIBE an For fans who checked up on the new episode of Boruto this week, they know what kind of loss its hero is facing. The boy witnessed the death of Mugino today as the man tried to take down Ao .

" The Assassin, Mugino " (暗殺者ムギノ, Ansatsusha Mugino) is episode 180 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Boruto dă peste Mugino în sat și este invitat la el acasă înainte să plece pentru misiune. Dec 29, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by NaruLu.

Mugino boruto

" The Assassin, Mugino " (暗殺者ムギノ, Ansatsusha Mugino) is episode 180 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Mugino tried to kill the Third Hokage when he was a child but came to admire him. Boruto forgets to get a gift for Hinata's birthday and gives her some flowers he got from Mugino, to go with a ceramic vase that Himawari handmade.

He is also very selfless, sacrificing himself to stop Ao and let Konohamaru's team run away.
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Mugino boruto

Naruto fans are familiar with heroic sacrifices, but no one has gone out like that in Boruto. That is, until now. The series’ latest chapter saw one ninja give his life for the sake of his team 2021-02-05 · Boruto becomes closer with Mugino when he hears about Mugino's story of redemption after being a child assassin.

Salah satu kemampuan unik Mugino dia tunjukkan di episode 164, di mana dia dapat meluncurkan batu dari mulutnya. Di versi manga, Mugino juga dapat menggunakan Rock Breaker, teknik untuk merontokkan batuan gua di atas untuk menimbun target. Itu dia lima fakta Mugino dari Boruto.
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"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Episode 180 is set to showcase Mugino’s origin story. The episode titled "Mugino, The Assassin," will show Boruto visiting the secret assassin’s house.

Leaving Mitsuki in the care of Yubina, a doctor and friend of Mugino, Boruto and the others go to a black market in the Land of Silence, a dangerous and lawless gathering place for disgraced ninja. Team 7 make it to a shop located in the most dangerous district whose owner knows all the latest news.

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However, the anime has fleshed him out over the past months. We have seen Mugino create a bond with Boruto and the rest of the characters. I was sad when Mugino sacrificed himself to hurt Ao and allow Team 7 to run. Konohamaru lost a friend and Team 7 lost someone they respected. In a sense, it was important for Team 7 to see someone like

Official preview hints at the anime providing more backstory about the jounin and his interactions with the Third Hokage Don't Forget to LIKE.SHARE.SUBSCRIBE : )Credit_X-TheBoyWonder_ 2020-12-31 · Boruto Episode 180 takes a break from the Kara Actuation arc to instead dissect one of Boruto's mentors: Mugino. We've usually seen Boruto training with Sasuke , Konohamaru and Kakashi, but Mugino recently oversaw him in the field in the God Tree Clone arc, crafting a comedic dynamic between the pair. Konohamaru asks Mugino to act as support since he can't fight with his injury. The genin can't focus on attacking Deepa while dodging his cubes. Boruto manages to land a Rasengan from above, but it does nothing. Asaka tries reaching out to Hiruga, who is dead. Deepa implies he will eat the genin.